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I am currently finalising “A Forefront in the Aftermath?,” an essay on 1950s US American radio plays, and the CBS Radio Workshop (1956-57) in particular, for inclusion in the anthology Tuning in to the Neo-Avant-Garde. The starting point was a paper I delivered in November 2018 at the Tuning in to the Neo-Avant-Garde conference at Ghent University.

In my teaching as well as my writing, I continue to explore the intersections of literature, film, drama, radio, material culture, conceptualism and the visual arts.  To this end, I have developed undergraduate modules such as Gothic Imagination and Adaptation, which I teach at Aberystwyth University in Wales.

Another area of interest for me is the relationship between art history and curating; I am teaching both at Aberystwyth University.  Next in a series of exhibitions I stage annually a group of undergraduate students of my curating module is Seeing Red.  Drawing on the School’s vast collection of prints, ceramics, paintings and photographs, the exhibition will explore the theme in terms of colour and connotations.

Previously on view at the School of Art Museum and Galleries (until 8 Feb. 2019) was my exhibition Travelling Through: Landscapes/Landmarks/Legacies.  It featured paintings, photographs, prints, posters, and ceramics from the School’s collection as well as personal photographs charting my relationship with New York City from the mid-1980s until now.  I am working on a new exhibition devoted to photographs I am taking of the sidewalks of New York.

Also in the planning stages is a monograph on painter-printmaker Harry Morley, co-authored with Robert Meyrick.


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Born and raised in Germany, educated in New York City (BA, MA, PhD), Harry Heuser is a writer, exhibition curator and educator. 

Since 2012, he has been staging exhibitions in England and Wales, including at the Royal Academy in London, and, as Lecturer in Art History, teaches curating at Aberystwyth University.

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