Selected writings by Harry Heuser

Recent and upcoming publications

“A Forefront in the Aftermath? Recorded Sound and the State of Audio Play on Post-‘Golden Age’ US Network Radio.” Tuning in to the Neo-Avant-Garde: Experimental Radio Plays in the Postwar Period. Manchester UP, 2021.

“‘There ain’t no sense to nothin’: Serial Storytelling, Radio Consciousness and the Gothic of Audition.”  Audionarratology: Lessons from Radio Drama. Ohio State UP, 2021. 

“Second Nature: The Art of Charles F. Tunnicliffe RA.”  Charles Tunnicliffe: Prints: Catalogue Raisonné.  Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2017, pp. 11-31.

Charles Tunnicliffe: Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné.  Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2017.  With Robert Meyrick.

“‘Please don’t whip me this time’: The Passions of George Powell of Nant-Eos.”  Queer Wales.  U of Wales P, 2016, pp 45-64.

“Bigotry and Virtue: George Powell and the Question of Legacy.”  New Welsh Reader, no. 110, Winter 2015, pp.1829.

Stanley Anderson: Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné.  Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2015.  With Robert Meyrick.

Immaterial Culture: Literature, Drama and the American Radio Play, 1929–1954.  Peter Lang, 2013.

“‘… poised on the edge’: Keith Vaughan as Printmaker,” in Keith Vaughan: Figure and Ground.  Sansom, 2013, pp. 34-57.  With Robert Meyrick.

Claudia Williams: An Intimate Acquaintance.  Sansom, 2013.  With Robert Meyrick.

Sydney Lee: From the Shadows.  Gallery guide.  Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2013.

Gwilym Prichard: A Lifetime’s Gazing.  Sansom, 2012.  With Robert Meyrick.


Gwilym Pri[t]chard.  Guardian. 18 July 2015.

Edgar Holloway.  Guardian. 27 Nov. 2008.


Nietzsche, Friedrich.  “On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense.”  Translated by Harry Heuser.  The Critical Tradition.  3rd ed.  Edited by David H. Richter.  Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007, pp. 452-59.

Academic writings

“Etherized Victorians: Drama, Narrative, and the American Radio Play 1929-1954.”  PhD Dissertation, CUNY 2004.

“Meister Remastered: Carlyle’s Interpretation of the Translator’s Role.” MA thesis, CUNY, 1997.

Graduate compositions (PhD)

“Any One’s Portrait and a Dog Reposing” (A Steinean Portrait)

“Eulogies and Unmarked Graves: Plotting and Character Disposal in Trollope’s Barsetshire Novels”

“Finders Keepers: A Moment of ‘Truth’ in Donne’s Third Satire”

“Nominal Control: Dickens’s Little Dorrit and the Challenges of Onomancy”

“Teeth and Sympathies; or, Influence and the Individual Talent” (A Wildean Dialogue)

“A Trollope among the Brahmins?: Howells’s Rise of Silas Lapham and the Reform of the Fallen Novel”

“Umbauen, Umgewöhnen, Umdenken: Romanticism as Translation”

“Wood for the Fire-side?: Melville’s Redburn and Its Sense of Audience”

Graduate essays (MA)

“Escape Artist: Brecht’s Pursuit of Galilei”

“Filling/Falling in the Gender Gap: Jane Eyre’s Early Readers”

“The Framing of Frankenstein; or, Is There a Reader in This Picture?”

“Irony Trade: Reader-Responsibilities in Heart of Darkness

“Raising Daedalus: A Close Reading of Joyce’s Portrait

“A Sinister Back-Cloth: The Fabrics of Heart of Darkness

“The Tempered Text; or, Three Roads to Udolpho

“Windows in a Poet’s House: Observations on Kafka’s Prozess

Undergraduate essays

“Ladies in Loco-motion: Trains in Movies Starring Claudette Colbert”

“Child in the Hood: Mervyn LeRoy’s Little Caesar”

“Third-class Cabin in the Sky”

“Even in Arcadia: The Dame Who Spoiled Our Daily Bread”

“One Hundred and Four Degrees of Separation: Hemingway’s ‘A Day’s Wait’”

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