Selected writings by Harry Heuser

Recent and upcoming publications

“A Sideways Look at Art.” Asphalt Expressionism: Mobile Phone Photography of NYC Pavements. Aberystwyth University School of Art Museum and Galleries Press, 2023.

“A Forefront in the Aftermath? Recorded Sound and the State of Audio Play on Post-‘Golden Age’ US Network Radio.” Tuning in to the Neo-Avant-Garde: Experimental Radio Plays in the Postwar Period. Manchester UP, 2021.

“‘There ain’t no sense to nothin’: Serial Storytelling, Radio Consciousness and the Gothic of Audition.”  Audionarratology: Lessons from Radio Drama. Ohio State UP, 2021. 

“Second Nature: The Art of Charles F. Tunnicliffe RA.”  Charles Tunnicliffe: Prints: Catalogue Raisonné.  Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2017, pp. 11-31.

Charles Tunnicliffe: Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné.  Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2017.  With Robert Meyrick.

“‘Please don’t whip me this time’: The Passions of George Powell of Nant-Eos.”  Queer Wales.  U of Wales P, 2016, pp 45-64.

“Bigotry and Virtue: George Powell and the Question of Legacy.”  New Welsh Reader, no. 110, Winter 2015, pp.1829.

Stanley Anderson: Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné.  Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2015.  With Robert Meyrick.

Immaterial Culture: Literature, Drama and the American Radio Play, 1929–1954.  Peter Lang, 2013.

“‘… poised on the edge’: Keith Vaughan as Printmaker,” in Keith Vaughan: Figure and Ground.  Sansom, 2013, pp. 34-57.  With Robert Meyrick.

Claudia Williams: An Intimate Acquaintance.  Sansom, 2013.  With Robert Meyrick.

Sydney Lee: From the Shadows.  Gallery guide.  Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2013.

Gwilym Prichard: A Lifetime’s Gazing.  Sansom, 2012.  With Robert Meyrick.


Gwilym Pri[t]chard.  Guardian. 18 July 2015.

Edgar Holloway.  Guardian. 27 Nov. 2008.


Nietzsche, Friedrich.  “On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense.”  Translated by Harry Heuser.  The Critical Tradition.  3rd ed.  Edited by David H. Richter.  Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007, pp. 452-59.

Academic writings

“Etherized Victorians: Drama, Narrative, and the American Radio Play 1929-1954.”  PhD Dissertation, CUNY 2004.

“Meister Remastered: Carlyle’s Interpretation of the Translator’s Role.” MA thesis, CUNY, 1997.

Graduate compositions (PhD)

“Any One’s Portrait and a Dog Reposing” (A Steinean Portrait)

“Eulogies and Unmarked Graves: Plotting and Character Disposal in Trollope’s Barsetshire Novels”

“Finders Keepers: A Moment of ‘Truth’ in Donne’s Third Satire”

“Nominal Control: Dickens’s Little Dorrit and the Challenges of Onomancy”

“Teeth and Sympathies; or, Influence and the Individual Talent” (A Wildean Dialogue)

“A Trollope among the Brahmins?: Howells’s Rise of Silas Lapham and the Reform of the Fallen Novel”

“Umbauen, Umgewöhnen, Umdenken: Romanticism as Translation”

“Wood for the Fire-side?: Melville’s Redburn and Its Sense of Audience”

Graduate essays (MA)

“Escape Artist: Brecht’s Pursuit of Galilei”

“Filling/Falling in the Gender Gap: Jane Eyre’s Early Readers”

“The Framing of Frankenstein; or, Is There a Reader in This Picture?”

“Irony Trade: Reader-Responsibilities in Heart of Darkness

“Raising Daedalus: A Close Reading of Joyce’s Portrait

“A Sinister Back-Cloth: The Fabrics of Heart of Darkness

“The Tempered Text; or, Three Roads to Udolpho

“Windows in a Poet’s House: Observations on Kafka’s Prozess

Undergraduate essays

“Ladies in Loco-motion: Trains in Movies Starring Claudette Colbert”

“Child in the Hood: Mervyn LeRoy’s Little Caesar”

“Third-class Cabin in the Sky”

“Even in Arcadia: The Dame Who Spoiled Our Daily Bread”

“One Hundred and Four Degrees of Separation: Hemingway’s ‘A Day’s Wait’”

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