I do not identify as a career academic. I am a teacher. For most of my life in academia, I served as a Man (or Girl) Friday, filling in or taking over from staff on leave, resigned, retired, or deceased. I started teaching within weeks after receiving my BA at Lehman College, City University of New York (CUNY), and continued teaching at Lehman College (CUNY) as an MA student. While I pursued my PhD, I taught at Hunter College (CUNY) and at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Relocating to Britain, I continued teaching in Wales, and, on behalf of Aberystwyth University, in mainland China, on a zero-hour contract basis before receiving a lectureship.

In my adjunct teaching, I drew on my Liberal Arts education, and while it left me without any sizeable pension, teaching on demand taught me a great deal and enriched my life.

This is a partial list of classes/subjects I have taught over the years, excluding occasional contributions to modules taught by others. Titles of modules I created and/or coordinated appear in blue.

Introductory German

Advanced German

The Language of German Politics

Translation (German/English)

German Literature (German language)

Introduction to the Humanities

Introduction to Literature

“Fiction: The Long and Short of It”

”Beyond Dogs and Diamonds: Portraits of American Friendships” (American Literature)

“Shakespeare: Within and without ‘this wooden O’” (English Literature)

Poetry: Reflecting on Echoes (English Literature)

Gothic Imagination (Art History)

Adaptation (Art History)

Postmodernism and Contemporary Art (Art History)

Artworld (MA)

Representing the Body (Huanghuai University)

Landscape (Huanghuai University)

Looking into Landscape (Art History)

Art in Europe and America (1900-1950)

Curating an Exhibition

Reading, Researching, and Re-writing

Effective Academic Writing (MA and PhD seminar)

Remedial English

Advanced Composition

Writing for the Web

Business Writing

Professional Writing (non-academic seminar)

Writing about Art

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